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M&A Critique: The Whys and The Hows

M&A Critique is a monthly Business magazine for corporate leaders and decision makers like CEO,  CIO, CFO, VP, MD, Management heads and Professionals like Corporate Lawyers, Management Consultants, Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants etc.

M&A Critique was launched in 2001, and is the only magazine published from India which gives insight in deals related to Mergers, Acquisitions, Restructuring, Takeovers, and Joint Ventures etc.  M&A Critique is a trusted source for critiques and information on Corporate Restructuring Deals as well as updates on all the news, case studies and opinion. Industry Leaders reads M&A Critique to stay ahead of the curve so that their competitors envy them.

Every issue of M&A Critique gives unique insights and expert’s critique on middle market deals, Corporate Strategy for inorganic growth, Case study of deals, M&A Happenings in the High Court, M&A Digest, Legal insights and updates on the subject, content on leadership and much more.

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Mergersindia.com – Deal Portal for Mergers & Acquisition

Built in a globalized world and strengthened by the latest information technology, mergersindia.com HU Mergersindia.com Pvt. Ltd was launched in January 2000.

Indian Companies started realizing the importance of Corporate Restructuring as a tool for growth and synergy. The portal Mergersindia.com is an idea conceived by their founders with the philosophy that various professionals and entrepreneurs could access the aspects of corporate restructuring any time. Its simplicity and utility, plus the fact that it was built exclusively for M&A professionals, Corporate Decision makers, Professional Students, corporate lawyers and  C-suits, makes Mergersindia.com a vital tool for any professional working in the field of M&A, Finance and Joint Venture.

We have grown for catering to professionals and have helped entrepreneurs and M&A Professionals in their decision making process for restructuring while also helping educational institutes by providing up-to-date knowledge about the M & A Activity in India and across the world.