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SEBI Listing Regulations Specified Securities

Analysis of Regulation 31 & 31A of SEBI Regulations 2015

Analysis of SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 (Listing Regulations) related to:-

  • Regulation 31 – Holding of specified securities and shareholding pattern.
  • Regulation 31A – Disclosure of Class of shareholders and Conditions for Reclassification.

[ Board here means “ Security and Exchange Board of India” ]


The Listed Entity shall submit to the stock exchange(s):

  • A statement showing holding of securities and shareholding pattern separately for each class of securities, in the format specified by the Board from time to time within the following Timelines.


  • One day prior to the listing of its securities on stock exchange(s)
  • On a quarterly basis, within twenty-one days from the end of each quarter.
  • Within ten days of any capital restructuring of the listed entity resulting in a change exceeding two percent of the total paid-up share capital.

In the case of listed entities which have listed their specified securities on SME Exchange, the above statements shall be submitted on a half-yearly basis within twenty-one days from the end of each half year.

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M & A Critique