DCM Limited is currently engaged in four business segments i.e. Textile Grey, Iron Casting (Engineering), Real Estate and IT Services. The textile division is highly focused on exports and has presence across various countries which include Portugal Egypt, South Korea, Brazil, Hong Kong, China, Bangladesh, Italy, USA, and Peru. The manufacturing plant is located at Hisar, Haryana (160 Kms north of Delhi). The plant is spread over 380 acres in the close vicinity of the cotton belt of North India. With special emphasis on investment in human resources and continuous skill Upgradation, the plant is equipped with modern development Centre for people at all levels with all modern facilities including technology based training. The plant has its own residential campus with all modern facilities including officers club with indoor and outdoor facilities for Table Tennis and Badminton.

Earlier to this Scheme, DCM Engineering Limited was merged with DCM Limited from appointed date 1st April 2014. The Scheme has become effective from 25th May 2016. The Division of Grey Casting which was earlier subsidiary of DCM Limited had stake 75.06% and remaining was held by Holding Companies (promoters) of DCM Limited i.e. Aggresar Leasing and Finance Pvt Ltd and Midopa Holdings Pvt Ltd. Pursuant to amalgamation of DCM engineering Limited with DCM limited the promoters were allotted 12.99 lakhs shares in DCM Limited which led to promoters holding in DCM increased from 44.70% stake to 48.54% Stake.

At holding company level Earlier to this scheme there is also amalgamation of Holdings companies i.e. Amalgamation of Betterways Finance and Leasing Private Limited, Lotte Trading and Allied Services Private Limited, Lotus Finance and Investments Private Limited and Midopa Holdings Private Limited with Aggresar Leasing and Finance Pvt Ltd and there is inter se transfer between promoters to Crescita Enterprises Pvt Ltd & PACs by way of Gift. Share has been pledge to Vistra ITCL (India Limited)

SORA (Scheme of Restructuring and Arrangement)

In year 2003, the restructuring plan was approved by Delhi High Court for the formation of focused entities for each of the business of engineering, information technology (IT), real estate and textile. According to the restructuring plan approved by the court, the Rs 90-crore IT business, DCM Data Systems, will be merged into DCM Limited and will become its core business. While DCM Limited will retain the textile business, the engineering products and real estate businesses will be hived off in separate companies and based on needs of each business invite partners.

Real Estate Business

DCM will transfer its property rights for 34 lakh sq. ft. in the Delhi real estate project to SPV known as Purearth Infrastructure Limited for a consideration of Rs 288 crore. However, Rs 62.2 crore from this amount will be used for property development. DCM will receive the payment over a period of six years and the company will have the liberty to use the proceeds for settlement of its debt as per scheme of arrangement. The Singapore Consortium, led by Thakrals, will have the majority stake in SPV while the balance 16% Stake will be held by DCM.

Now as part of the present schemes, following steps are taken



Demerger of Textile division from DCM Limited to DCM Nouvelle Limited from appointed date 1st January 2017 with swap ratio One Equity shares held in DCM limited will get One equity shares in DCM Nouvelle Limited.

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