Industry-wise breakup of the schemes filed is as follows:

Industry No. of Deals
December 2016 November 2016
Chemicals 3 1
Entertainments 2 1
Financial Services 3 2
Information Technology 2
Investment 3
Jewellery & Diamonds
Others 4 3
Real Estate 7 2
Travel Services 2 1
Textile 2
Total 28 10

This month 28(Twenty-eight) Schemes were filed, involving 68 (Sixty-eight) Companies, of which 18 (Eighteen) Schemes were Scheme of Amalgamation,7 (Seven) Scheme were Scheme of Demerger, 1(One) Scheme was Scheme of Arrangement, 2(Two) Scheme were Composite Scheme of Arrangement.

Other facts are: –

  • 5 (Five) Companies were Listed Company
  • 20 (Twenty) Companies have paid-up Capital of more than Rs. 10 Crores.
  • 6(Six) Schemes were Merger between Holding Company and Subsidiary Company.
  • In 4 (Four) Schemes, the Transferor Company has carried forward losses and the Transferee Company is profit making
  • In 3(Three) Schemes, the Transferor Company is profit making and the Transferee Company has carried forward losses.


Note: Henceforth we will stop publishing M & A Happenings at High Court as the powers of High Court has been transferred to National Company Law Tribunal

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