In the Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process (CIRP) of Jet Airways (India) Ltd., the question came up for discussion on the validity and priority of the Insolvency proceedings being conducted at a country outside India, where the CIRP for Jet Airways is already initiated under Indian  Insolvency Code, 2016. Jet Airways has properties in India and outside India as well. When CIRP  against Jet Airways started under the Code in India where Registered Office of the ‘Corporate Debtor’ is situated and similar proceedings were already started at Netherland (North-Holland), where the Regional Hub of the ‘Corporate Debtor’ is situated.

Precisely, two parallel insolvency proceedings are being carried out in case of Jet Airways (Corporate Debtor) in India, and in Netherland based on different territorial jurisdiction. In Netherland, Jet Airways was declared bankrupt in response to a complaint filed by two European creditors where a Dutch court administrator is appointed who approached its Indian counterpart for access to the financials as well as assets of the Corporate Debtor.

When Mumbai bench of NCLT vide its Order dated 20th June, 2019 declared the overseas bankruptcy proceedings against Jet Airway as null and void, the Dutch Court Administrator filed a petition at NCLAT against the order of the Mumbai NCLT.

In this case, Two questions came up before NCLAT for consideration:

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