S Chand and Company Ltd (S Chand) is a listed public limited company, engaged in the business of publishing educational books with products ranging from school books, higher academic books, competition and references books, technical and professional books and children books. The market cap of the company is Rs 1,273 crore.

Blackie and Son (Calcutta) Pvt Ltd (Blackie) is a private company and is a WoS of S Chand. Till year ended March 31, 2016, the company was primarily engaged in sale of its own books to S Chand Group. However, from FY 2015-16, the company is earning income by way of royalty.

Nirja Publishers and Printers Pvt Ltd (Nirja) is a private company, engaged in the business of manufacturing paper and paper products, publishing, printing and reproduction of recorded media and is a WoS of S Chand. 

DS Digital Private Ltd (DS Digital) is a private company, engaged in business of providing digital education services and is a subsidiary of S Chand. 

Safari Digital Education Initiatives Pvt Ltd (Safari) is a private company, engaged in the business of rendering digital education. S Chand and Nirja are holding 60% and 40% of share capital of Safari and accordingly, Safari is an indirect WoS of S Chand.

Table 1: Product Portfolio of S. Chand & Co. (Source: Annual Report)

Brand K12 Higher Education Early Learning
S Chand
Brands specializing in e-content and services
Destination Success
Online Tyari*

*Investees Company

S Chand’s higher education segment is the second largest segment by consolidated revenue, and comprises two components: (1) test preparation and (2) college and university/technical and professional. 

Revenue Details (Based on Consolidated Financials as on 31st March 2017)S-Chand-One-Step-At-a-Time-Merger-Demerger-1

Transaction Overview

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