Alembic Ltd (Alembic), incorporated in 1907, is part of Alembic group and it is engaged in the business of manufacturing and trading active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and Real Estate Developments. It also has investment in Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited (APL).

Shreno Limited (Shreno), incorporated in 1944, is engaged in the business of manufacturing and trading of glassware items, machinery and equipments (engineering) required for various industries, making investments and real estate developments.

Nirayu Pvt. Ltd. (Nirayu), incorporated in 1971, is currently holding investment in shares and securities of various entities.

Current Shareholding of the companies




Please Note:

  • 1% OCPS of Shreno limited of book value Rs. 8.71 crores were converted in equity shares by alembic Limited in FY 2018 Therefore the final total investment by Alembic in equity is Rs. 35.13 crores.
  • Alembic acquired 55% stake in Alembic City Limited resulting into WOS of the company with Total investment of Rs. 07 Lakhs


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