Mumbai-based Ganesh Benzoplast has decided to restructure and reorganise the company with the demerger of the chemical business.  It has also segregated both the divisions — Chemical and LST business – by demerger. As both the divisions have totally different synergies, the demerger will ensure greater focus to the operation of each of the divisions and enhance profitability and generate maximum shareholder value.

Ganesh Benzoplast Ltd (GBL) is a public limited company, having two divisions, one being Liquidity storage Terminal division (LST) which is related to providing conditioned storage facilities (Liquidity storage Terminal division – LST) for bulk liquids and chemicals at JNPT, Cochin and Goa, In LST division, the Company has a combined storage capacity of more than 3,00,000 KL, for storage of all types of Liquid Products.  And  Chemical division which is related to manufacturing, export and import of premium range of speciality chemical, food preservatives and industrial lubricants having two factories at Tarapur (Maharashtra). The equity shares of the company are listed on BSE. Market cap of GBL is around Rs. 245.98 crores (approx.).

GBL chemical Ltd (GBL chemical) was incorporated on 23rd Oct 2018 to carry on the business of manufacturing and trading speciality chemicals.

GBL LPG Private Limited (GBL LPG) was incorporated on 28th Nov 2018 to carry on the business of LPG and liquidity storage terminal facility.


Appointed date being 1st April, 2019 for both the transactions

Demerger of Chemical business undertaking of GBL to GBL chemical

  • Consideration being 1 equity share of GBL chemical for every 1 equity shares held in GBL.
  • Upon scheme become effective and upon issue of shares by the GBL chemical, existing 100,000 equity shares of Re 1/- each of the GBL chemical held by GBL will stand cancelled without any payment.
  • Demerger of the chemical business undertaking shall comply with provisions of Section 2(19AA) of the Income tax Act, 1961.
  • Post scheme, GBL chemical will be listed on BSE.

Slump sale of Goa Business undertaking of GBL to GBL LPG

  • Sale shall be done at a lump sum consideration of ₹8 crores
  • Consideration shall be discharge by GBL LPG by issuing and allotting 90,000 equity shares at Rs. 10/- each to GBL
  • Upon scheme becoming effective name of company will be changed from Ganesh Benzoplast Ltd to “GBL Infra Ltd”.


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